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It all started with an idea

Best Living Health Solutions for Human

Mr. Choi Yong Seok
President of Nayuta

Beauty comes from within
and Nayuta understands this

Initially, the company was conceived as a small store-supplier of products for beauty and health. Seeing that there are few decent offers on the market, we decided on eco-friendly products from Korea. The main principle of the company is that products should be of the best quality.

Beauty comes from within. And Nayuta understands this. Improved health, healthy sleep, vitamins, increased immunity are the main factors of a healthy and well-groomed appearance, aren't they? "You can cover up the bruises under your eyes, but fatigue will still manifest itself" - the saying of our regular client, which has become a catch phrase. We plunged into the world of true beauty - healthy and natural.

Our customer base expanded, people liked our products more and more, and there was a huge demand. The company has grown. We went from a small, inconspicuous online store to a Company with a capital "C". Now our products are presented in 50 countries, we have 20,000 distributors in different parts of the world, an expanded product line, our own brand, website, partners, multiple headquarters (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan and Tallinn, Republic of Estonia) and even our own currency! In 2018, we entered the international market!



The goal is to build a factory and launch new product lines

Entering the Korean market
We decided to build our own factory in Incheon (South Korea)
First international presentation of Nayuta Coin (NC)
PoA mining on Enecuum blockchain is launched
Start of factory construction
Completion of construction

To build a factory and expand the product line, the company is looking for investors - people who want to invest not only in the development of NAYUTA, but first of all in their future.

For this purpose, the company has issued its own digital currency - Nayuta Coin tokens.

Nayuta Coin

For investors

Nayuta Coin today:
100,000,000 NC
30,000,000 NC
Nayuta has made every effort to make everything as convenient, transparent and profitable as possible for the investor. The company is keeping up with the times and therefore launches a large-scale project that allows you to engage in mining and increase your balance directly from your phone.
We have approached the issue of issuing our own currency with full responsibility.
A lot of effort and money has been invested to make the project truly high-tech. We assessed all the risks, so we made provisions for listing on exchanges, transactions with minimal fees, and provided token support in the form of company products and the future plant.


Academy - the International Academy for Internet entrepreneurs.
Business of Life is a unique knowledge base in the field of e-Commerce.
A platform where you can buy tokens of promising startups.
In addition to promising world-class ICO projects, Crowdsale Network also provides training, assistance and consulting.
Trinity consensus-based blockchain platform.
Combines 3 types of mining nodes in a single network. The nayuta Coin token was created based on the Enecuum Protocol.
Crowdsale Network's president
Yerlan Dumanuly
Crowdsale Network platform Founder and President
about NAYUTA's prospects
Yerlan Dumanuly
Crowdsale Network platform Founder and President
about NAYUTA's prospects
Today, there a lot of cryptocurrencies offered on the marke. 99% of them are not backed by anything, which is why most investors suffer losses. Nayuta offers digital assets backed by real products. Today, everyone has the opportunity to make the most of blockchain technology, to be a part of an international community of people who want to build an online business with their own digital assets - Nayuta Coin
Yang Hong Rin
Yang Hong Rin
A head of Incheon Startup Integration Support Center
Yang Hong Rin
A head of Incheon Startup Integration Support Center
The world economy is stagnating because of the coronavirus and brings a crisis trend for many companies, production is decreasing. Innovation is necessary for the recovery of the global economy, both for companies and workers.There is an urgent need for an enterprise operating system that can coexist and have dual synergy. Nayuta can be seen as a role model that innovates in production and business processes.
Adilbek Shungulov
Adilbek Shungulov
Developer, Miner
Adilbek Shungulov
Developer, Miner
Proof of Stake mining is much more accessible to the common man, which does not require a large investment to build a Bitcoin mining farm, it is enough to start immediately with a phone and mine. The algorithm is more environmentally friendly than work. Nayuta Coin has a great future. I am glad that I participated in the launch of such a large-scale global project
Nayuta Coin

Backed by
real products

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NAYUTA COIN is backed by the production and sale of products, which in turn eliminates the risk of "collapse" of the cryptocurrency.

NAYUTA COIN is publicly traded and investors can receive up to 20% p.a. in tokens. Based on the company's ecosystem analysis, NC tokens will be added to long-term portfolios. Our tokens have a real product behind them. NAYUTA started as an online store for Korean products. The product range includes health products, groceries, and cosmetics. Since 2018, we have sold $5 million worth of products. At the end of 2019, we started developing NAYUTA COIN. In 2 years we have grown into a brand with over 35,000 distributor partners in 50 countries. 2021-2022 will be our company's takeoff year.

The company is going to demonstrate skyrocketing growth in 2021-2022. We are going to expand our product range, launch our own production, and open new directions. That will allow us to reach the annual turnover of more than 200 mln USD by 2030.



Mr. Choi Yong Seok
Mr. Choi Yong Seok
President of Nayuta
Marina So
Marina So
Vice President of Nayuta
Lee Cho Yeong
Lee Cho Yeong
General manager
Pak Su Tae
Pak Su Tae
President of Taepyeng Green Bio Tech
Researcher, developer of salt 880. He has devoted more than 30 years to studying the properties of salt and its effects on the body
Kwong Tae Gyun
Kwong Tae Gyun
Nayuta researcher
Developer of DETOX soap. He worked and improved the healing properties of soap for over 20 years
Park Kam Dong
Park Kam Dong
Doctor of oriental medicine
Hereditary acupuncturist. He studied the nature of salt and its effect on the body. He developed a technique for changing the properties of inorganic minerals into organic ones. Due to this technology, the pH of the salt has increased to 13
Yang Hong Rin
Yang Hong Rin
Head of Incheon Startup Integration Support Center
Shim Jai Eun
Shim Jai Eun
–°EO of the company "Zite Lab"
Developer of the Moroccan mask Gassyl
Nayuta Coin


We have thought out a clear strategy, road map and white paper.
The number of distributors is constantly growing, the company does not stand still and is developing constantly.
Mining is possible via an Android-based mobile phone.
Annual reports are published on the website.
We share news from the construction site and about the company's success.
A transparent system of token purchase.
Transparent passive income due to the currency price growth.
Variation in the use of digital currency.
The project's prospects are determined by partner agreements and competent marketing.
The company's openness.
You can buy Nayuta Coin through the platform or on the exchange
In 2 years of development tens of thousands of distributors from 50 countries around the world have joined Nayuta. There is a high demand for its products, so in order to provide customers with its products in time and to expand the product line it was decided to attract investment by issuing Nayuta Coin Utility Tokens.
The total issue of Nayuta Coin tokens will be 100'000'000, of which 30% are pre-mined, i.e. released to the market, and the remaining 70'000'000 tokens will be mined on the PoS/PoA algorithm for 10 years. The token is based on the Enecuum blockchain.
An ordinary Android smartphone will do. Mining will not load your smartphone more than WhatsApp.
Mining will go for about 10 years. The annual rate averages at 20% APR.
Mobile application

How to earn tokens

A special Android app has been created to ensure convenience of mining.
You can feel all the advantages of PoA mining in it:
  • PoS/PoA mining algorithm
  • Battery consumption similar to surfing the Internet
  • Low load on the phone allows you to perform mining in the background
  • Available for phones with Android version higher than 5.0